Copyright Under a Magnifying Glass: Thought Provoking Ideas Internet Society

29 September 2011 - A Workshop on Other in Nairobi, Kenya


Considerable efforts are being undertaken across the world to develop new transborder solutions to online copyright infringement. Countries, regional and international organisations are also reviewing legal frameworks to assess whether they need to be updated in light of technological developments in content distribution (e.g. the Internet) and the general trend towards globalisation. Examples include: ACTA, the EC review of Directive 2004/48/EC, COICA, work being undertaken by WIPO, OECD and others on Internet intermediaries.

Our objective is to facilitate a robust multi-perspective discussion and generate thought provoking ideas:

• What are the challenges and opportunities provided by the Internet?
• What new business models are emerging?
• Where should legal frameworks regarding copyright on the Internet be developed?
• What roles could stakeholders play in the protection of copyright on the Internet?
• What new approaches could be considered?
• Etc.

Format: A moderated interactive roundtable discussion with all interested participants. To ensure as many stakeholders as possible contribute, representatives from various groups have been identified as “discussants”. They will be asked to address specific issues. Audience participants will also be encouraged to actively participate.

The co-organisers will provide background papers. Discussants will be encouraged to submit short position papers.



A brief substantive summary and the main events that were raised:
The Internet Society (ISOC) and the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) co-organised a very successful workshop regarding copyright on the Internet.

The workshop used a very interactive format of “rapid-fire” Q & A among the panellists, followed by an open and general discussion with in-room and remote participants.

A number of the panellists also provided supporting background papers (available via

The expert panellists comprised representatives from a UN agency (WIPO), an intergovernmental organisation (OECD), civil society (EFF), rights-holders (MPAA), libraries and public access (IFLA), domain name registries (Verisign), search engine providers and UGC platform service providers (Google), ISPs (LINX), and moderated by a member of the Internet technical community (ISOC).


Conclusions and further comments:
The co-organisers wish to extend their thanks to the expert panellists and all participants for a very engaging and fruitful discussion across a wide range of issues, including:

• Opportunities for the creation, distribution and monetization of digital content
• New challenges for the protection of copyright
• Deriving value from digital content (old and new models)
• Perspectives on future content delivery
• Opportunities for improving licensing systems
• Challenges (including technical) to detecting infringement and identifying infringers
• Deep Packet Inspection and other means for detection
• International policy work on Internet intermediaries (OECD and WIPO)
• Internet intermediaries and the protection of copyright
• Technical enforcement measures
• Complications copyright enforcement can create for public access intermediaries
• Challenges if balancing copyright with other rights enjoyable in the Internet environment, such as free expression, access to information, education and culture.
• Potential solutions

A detailed report regarding the workshop will be available in due course.


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