Mobile and Cloud Services for Development International Chamber of Commerce, Paris Secretariat

29 September 2011 - A Workshop on Other in Nairobi, Kenya


This workshop will focus on:
1) Policy/legal frameworks that will enable mobile and cloud services for development, such as cross-border data flows and not applying legacy regulation to new online services;
2) Future of mobile and cloud services, including application-centric platforms and opportunities for youth in developing countries; and
3) Development perspectives on how mobile and cloud services provide an economic development opportunity and can be used for socially beneficial purposes.



A brief substantive summary and the main events that were raised:
Herbert Heitmann, Executive Vice President, External Communications, Royal Dutch Shell and Chair, ICC Commission on EBITT moderated the event. Panelists for the workshop were Jeff Brueggeman, Vice President-Public Policy, AT&T, Pilar del Castillo, Member of the European Parliament, Erik Hersman, Co-founder & Director of Operations & Strategy of Ushahidi, Alice Munyua, Chair, Internet Governance Forum, 2011 Organizing Committee, Kenya.

Panelists suggested that no new set of policy frameworks were needed as regulatory frameworks around data protection and a competitive cloud computing market on a European level had recently been put into place. There was a consensus that further regulation would stifle innovation. Discussions should focus on how existing policy frame-works linked to access, privacy and ownership of cloud can be more applicable to users.

Participants highlighted global success stories in opportunities offered by low and high broadband services. Africa was mentioned as an example; the country has seen a rapid uptake of cloud services and the creation of simpler data transfer devices over the recent years, despite challenges to provide cloud computing services across its fragmented infrastructure.


Conclusions and further comments:
It was concluded that due to the lack of clear ownership of the ‘cloud’, no centralized authority overseeing governments’ decisions existed. The discussion gave business representatives the opportunity to discourage additional regulatory frameworks around mobile services for development, and to reinforce the need for a preliminary creation of international norms concerning cloud ownership.


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