How Can We Reach the Media Have-Nots of the Developed and Developing Worlds? ITU/United Nations

29 September 2011 - A Workshop on Access in Nairobi, Kenya


Video and Audio media will become the predominant traffic on the Internet in future, and broadcast services continue to expand in spite of predictions to the contrary. Media ‘access technologies’ will become ever more necessary and valuable to those who have disabilities and to those not yet literate.

In 2011, ITU-T established a Focus Group on media accessibility, open to all interested parties, to bring together the requirements and systems across all the different media platforms – Internet, IPTV, and Broadcasting. The bold aim is to unify access system technologies across the world and across all media.
The group will face many challenges to achieving its objectives. One will be to understand the different priorities of developed and developing nations. The Focus group will also need to hear and act on the voices of those who will really use the access services, rather than the politicians.

The Session will bring together panellists from across the world and across the different media to help the dream of the Focus group a reality.