Framework for International Cooperation on Child Online Protection ITU

28 September 2011 - A Workshop on Security in Nairobi, Kenya


The Internet has now been in existence for several decades and provided a wide range of benefits to individuals, states and the global community as a whole. However, as its use grows, so do the risks it presents to children and young people, who are more vulnerable to ill-intentioned third parties. Many children and young people already spend large amounts of time in the online environment, and not as mere passive observes but as active participants. Children interact with others, plan activities, play games, shop and consume, and contribute content all online. All this interactivity creates many opportunities for children to fall victim to a variety of online threats, which can come from anywhere in the world at anytime.

The legal, technical and institutional challenges emerging in cyberspace related to the protection of children are global and far-reaching. And they can only be addressed within a framework of international cooperation and through a coherent strategy which accounts for the role of different stakeholders and existing initiatives. Representatives from different stakeholder groups, including UN agencies, will be invited as a panel for this workshop and they will share their efforts and experiences of working on the framework of international cooperation on child online protection with participants. The workshop aims to address the issues of the international cooperation on child online protection and collect the better options to ensure a collaborative approach to maximize and synergize efforts to create safer Internet environment for children.