Mobile Internet, its Regulation and its Connection with Internet Governance / Mobile Internet: Enhancing the New Age of the Internet Nokia and APC

28 September 2011 - A Workshop on Other in Nairobi, Kenya


The Internet of the past has been brought to people primarily through the traditional wired networks. This has been changing tremendously over the past few years and for the vast majority of the next billion new users, the Internet will be from the start mobile. The proliferation and increasing use of smart mobile devices is fundamentally shaping the future of the Internet. The mobile Internet provides creates a totally new more personal and accessible user experience. This trend is particularly felt in emerging markets, as the mobile Internet access is the most cost effective and practical way to connect to the Internet.

The workshop will also examine various aspects pertaining to special characteristics of mobile platforms from the point of view of Internet governance and the regulation. As more and more people in the world move on to the mobile internet which is expected 5 times bigger than the PCs internet, internet governance has to keep pace with the mobile internet and evolve appropriate mechanisms and strategies in that regard. The proposed workshop will also help analyze the various legal , regulatory and policy issues connected therewith.

This workshop will examine build on the key questions posed on the IGF 2011 Programme paper, and feed into the main theme of the conference by discussing new possibilities of the mobile Internet, their policy consequences and governance implications in terms of:

1. Improving access, accessibility and diversity; bridging the digital divide with the Mobile Internet

2. New opportunities for personal, social and economic development provided by Mobile Internet access in emerging markets

3. Micro-entrepreneurship

4. Innovation and application development on the grass-roots level in developing countries

5. Regulatory and the policy issues in mobile Internet


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