Citizen Empowerment Through the Social use of ICTs Cybervolunteers Foundation

28 September 2011 - A Workshop on Access in Nairobi, Kenya


We are living a historic moment like no other, in which the ownership of the technology goes beyond the elimination of digital divide, is undoubtedly the key to eliminating inherited social gaps that have to do with social development, participation, employment, education, health ... in short to human development. Today, ICTs are key to empowering citizens, ie, increase the capabilities, opportunities and rights of people and lobby for improved quality of life within their environment.

In the moment you access to Technologie and reach a minimal technological appropriation, citizens are taking responsibility to contribute and participate actively in decisions about everything around us and this is creating political, social, economic, promoting diversity and customization within globalization. We are facing a maelstrom of social and human development of its own citizens, a responsible and informed citizenship, empowered by ICT, able to decide and move forward. Now we have to give it the prominence it deserves in a forum like this and help generate social virtuous circle of innovation based on the power of an empowered citizenship through ICTs, regardless where in the world, age, sex , social status, skills with technology ... citizens are owners at the time to forge their destiny.