Economic Aspects of Local Content Creation and Local Internet Infrastructure UNESCO

27 September 2011 - A Workshop on Critical Internet Resources in Nairobi, Kenya


UNESCO, OECD and ISOC aim to organize a workshop on economic aspects of local content creation and local infrastructure. The partners involved in the study support the efforts and progress made within the framework of enhanced cooperation in shaping Internet policy around the principles of inclusiveness, diversity and openness, and in enhancing the mutual understanding and relations among all stakeholders, fostering their participation in the policy dialogue process. The Internet has an enormous potential for economic development, underlining the Internet’s crucial role in enhancing the free flow of information and ideas throughout the world, which contribute to the progress towards inclusive Knowledge Societies.

The main objective of the workshop is to present the outcomes of the collaborative efforts to analyze the relationship between Internet infrastructure, prices for access and the development of local content.

Policy makers are keen to understand these relationships for a number of reasons. Understanding this relationship could help in demonstrating the economic benefits of expanded infrastructure across countries, particularly if the amount of local infrastructure or the existence of a local Internet exchange fosters the development of local content in local languages. The availability of local content could also, in turn, prove to stimulate demand for Internet services. Finally, the prices of local Internet access could prove to hinder, or promote the development of local content.

The workshop will examine the findings of the report and discuss key findings and policy implications focusing on three subthemes:

• Internet infrastructure and content value chain;
• Trends and determinants of local Internet development;
• Selected case studies.

UNESCO, the OECD and ISOC seek to promote international collaboration, provide a platform for dialogue and share expertise on this subject among the difference actors involved in the IGF.

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