Internet of Things

6 December 2008 - A Workshop on Other in Hyderabad, India


The Internet of Things is an emergent field of utmost importance in the Internet Governance.

The workshop shall address firstly ethical, privacy and security issues because they are central questions taht shall be the rationale for technical choices. These issues shall not be afterthoughts after decisions have been taken for technical and financial reasons. 

The long term security and reliability of e-commerce and industrial management; within a global sustainable development perspective, should be also prime concerns over short term technical arrangements. 

The Name Space of the Internet of Things is expected to be several order of magnitude larger than the current Name Space of today's Internet, and raises several issues.

Does the MIT Object Naming Service (ONS), not yet fully operational, that aims to tells computer systems where to locate information on the Internet about any object that carries an ePC (electronic Product Code) constitutes the only option? 

Other schemes are being proposed ( Contribution to the ITU TDAG (6-8 February 2008, ITU, Geneva, Switzerland ). The Handle system appears very well suited, specificially in terms of security and independance with the Internet of persons. 

A distinct network, yet interconnected with the Internet of persons, features a distinct advantage in terms of ethical and privacy issues, where a clear technical separation may be provided between things and persons.

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