Global Culture for Cybersecurity

6 December 2008 - A Workshop on Security in Hyderabad, India


Our proposed theme of Workshop is “the global culture for cybersecurity”, which is a focal point of the world today in undertaking the mandate of IGF. To appeal for the formation of global culture for Cyber-Security is the main approach to build the information society with broad ICT accessibility, with the openness and trusted environment, so as to have a save and secure cyber-world.

The openness, diversity, security and access for all are the indispensable elements of the Global Culture for Cyber-Security. Internet is global, for a save, secure, open and diversified Internet, we have to build the global culture supportive for this target. So this theme is closely bounded to the main themes of IGF. The Workshop is going to explore the structure and main frame of the “global culture for cyber-security”, discuss the possible different view points on what should be included into this global awareness, what is not. There may be many important topics to be developed under this theme.

We have already successfully organized the workshop of global culture for cyber security at the first IGF meeting. During the workshop a draft proposal of World Norm on Internet has been put forward and thoroughly discussed. At the second IGF meeting, this important and interesting topic has been further addressed and the way of arriving at the consensus on this issue has been explored more thoroughly. At the proposed workshop the emphases will be: (1) How to build and spread trust through the Internet, and how to construct a trust framework on the Internet; (2) How to build ethical principles concerning self-consciously resisting the use of Internet to spread junk mails, viruses, worms, Trojan horses, illegal or harmful information, interfere or attack information systems, steal confidential data and violate privacy. The workshop will also keep close watch on the similar issues such as the Guidance of Internet security suggested by the ITU.