Capacity building for Web 2.0

5 December 2008 - A Workshop on Internet Governance for Development in Hyderabad, India


When aiming at bringing the internet to the next billion users, access in technical sense is not enough. This workshop examines various aspects of capacity building that will enable innovation and learning networks, new users and their communities to benefit from their access to the internet and social software, (Web 2.0). These include the following:

  • Access and basic knowledge society skills;
  • Benefits of improving basic education vs. specific programs (eg. commercial certified course formats);
  • Learning in peer groups vs. top down training approach;
  • Using “traditional” media;
  • Radio, television;
  • Internet in a mutually strengthening manner in support of capacity building;
  • Innovative network approaches;
  • Local content production that is meaningful in community context vs. use of centrally produced services; and
  • Cross-cutting standards for various types of access points (libraries, schools, internet cafes, multimedia centers etc) valuing learning cultures, intercultural communication.