Next Generation Internet

20 December 2017 - A Open Forum on Other in Geneva, Switzerland


The Internet is at the core of our socio-economic development. However in the last years we witnessed an increasing level of distrust towards Internet technology. In order to re-establish trust in the users and boost socio-economic growth, the Internet of the future will have to deliver more to the users. Therefore we have to build it around common and shared values that will put humans at the center of technology development.
The European Commission has launched the Next Generation Internet initiative, to support the development of a human-centric Internet around core European values. This Internet of Values will also contribute in shaping Internet Governance for the next decade and the Open Forum will be the perfect venue to present the initiative on the Internet Governance global scene.
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Name(s) of Speaker(s): Pearse O'Donohue
Cristina Monti

Name of Online Moderator: Valentina Scialpi
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Past IGF Participation: Yes
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Name: Ms. Valentina Scialpi
Organizational Affiliation: European Commission

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