Data Protection and Humanitarian Action

20 December 2017 - A Open Forum on Other in Geneva, Switzerland


Launch of the Handbook on Data Protection in Humanitarian Action

Safeguarding the personal data of individuals, particularly in testing conditions, such as armed conflicts and other humanitarian emergencies, is an essential aspect of protecting people's lives, their physical and mental integrity, and their dignity – which makes it a matter of fundamental importance for humanitarian organisations.

This Handbook was published as part of the Brussels Privacy Hub and ICRC’s Data Protection in Humanitarian Action project. 

The project brought together humanitarian organisations, the Data Protection Authorities and Privacy Commissioners of the Working Group of the International Conference of Privacy and Data Protection Commissioners' Resolution on Privacy and International Humanitarian Action, academics, companies involved as third party stakeholders, and civil society. 

The focus of the Handbook on the application of data protection and privacy principles in humanitarian action, and the implications of these principles in the adoption of new technologies in the humanitarian sphere, such as biometrics, big data and data analytics, cash transfer programming, instant messaging applications, cloud based solutions, and drones.
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Chair: Jean Philippe Walter, Deputy Federal Data Protection and Information Commissioner (Switzerland)

Moderator: Jacobo Quintanilla, Community Engagement Adviser, ICRC


Alessandra Pierucci, Chair of the Consultative Comittee of Convention 108

Massimo Marelli, Head of Data Protection Office, ICRC

Marie-Charlotte Roques-Bonnet, Director of Privacy EMEA, Microsoft

Bryan Ford, Associate Professor, EPFL

Alexandrine Pirlot De Corbion, Advocacy Officer, Privacy International

Name of Online Moderator: Mr. Victorien Hanché, Legal Adviser, ICRC Data Protection OfficeBackground Paper:Past IGF Participation: NoReport Link:Name: Mr. Massimo MarelliOrganizational Affiliation: International Committee of the Red Cross

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