African IGF Open Forum

20 December 2017 - A Open Forum on Other in Geneva, Switzerland


The main aim of the Open Forum is to facilitate exchange of good practices between African sub-regional IGFs (Central Africa, North Africa, and West Africa), on their processes, especially the successes and failures and the way forward, taking into account the multistakeholder dimension of IGF and to share the Key achievements of the 6th African IGF, held in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt, under the theme “Enabling an Inclusive Digital Transformation of Africa”.

The Forum will also be used to discuss implementation of the African IGF Charter, the African Union Declaration on Internet Governance and its project on IG Capacity Building. 


  1. Makane Faye
  2. Adil Sulieman


  1. Makane Faye, African IGF Secretariat (5 minutes for setting the scene)
  2. Christine Arida, Chairperson of the African IGF, Moderator (5 minutes)
  3. Mary Uduma, Chair, African IGF Charter Working Group & Coordinator, West Africa IGF (5 minutes for the Charter and 5 minutes for WAIGF)
  4. Ridha Guellouz, Chairperson, North Africa IGF (5 minutes)
  5. Michel Tchonan Linze, CEO CAPDA, Central Africa IGF (5 minutes)
  6. Adil Sulieman, Senior ICT Policy Officer, African Union (5 minutes on the way forward in relation to AfIGF and the AU Capacity Building Project on Internet Governance)

The presentations will be followed by Q & A (25 minutes)

Online moderator:

Wisdom Donkor, IGF MAG & African Charter Working Group member

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