Geneva's Platform for Global Digital Governance

20 December 2017 - A Open Forum on Other in Geneva, Switzerland


Over the last three months, the State of Geneva together with the Geneva Internet Platform have been conducting ‘Geneva Digital Talks’ aimed at discussing how the experience and expertise concentrated in the Geneva Area (internet governance community, multilateral organisations, cybersecurity ecosystem...) could contribute to addressing pressing digital policy issues such as cybersecurity. Initially, these discussions were triggered by Microsoft’s call for a Digital Geneva Convention, under the inspiration of the Geneva conventions which form the International Humanitarian body of law. While it remains an important initiative, Geneva Digital Talks broaden discussions to other digital policy areas that could potentially benefit from input from Geneva, ranging from multilateral mechanisms to private-public cooperation. 

At the IGF, this Open Forum will have two major aims. Firstly, it will present results of previous discussions and accompanied research on the current and potential contribution of Geneva to digital policy discussions. Secondly, it will foster multistakeholder discussions on applying Geneva’s policy experience in processes and discussions focused on addressing issues of cybersecurity and other broader digital policies.
Tag 1: Cybersecurity Norms
Tag 2: Internet Governance
Tag 3: International Geneva
Name(s) of Speaker(s):
Mr. Pierre Maudet, Geneva State Councilor for Security and Economy: What Geneva has to offer to cyber policy discussion?
Mr. Karsten Geier, Germany, UN GGE Chair: Build-up on the UN GGE work (issues from the UN GGE report that can be further developed).
Ms. Kathy Brown, ISOC CEO, Civil society and cybersecurity
Dr. Jovan Kurbalija, Head of Geneva Internet Platform & Director of DiploFoundation (moderation)
Representative(s) of the private ICT sector such as Microsoft or Google (expectations from private sector)

Name of Online Moderator: ● Ms. Barbara Rosen Jacobson
Background Paper:
Past IGF Participation: No
Report Link:
Name: Mr. Michael Kleiner
Organizational Affiliation: DG DERI DSE State of Geneva

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