OAS/OEA and the Promotion of National Cybersecurity Strategies in the Americas

20 December 2017 - A Open Forum on Other in Geneva, Switzerland


In the Americas, the development of National Cybersecurity Strategies has been done through the coordination and facilitation of national round table discussions focused on the identification of challenges facing local actors and solutions that can be implemented at a national level in collaboration with the Government. This open forum will explore this methodology and the involvement of all relevant actors in the development and implementation of national strategies. The OAS has successfully assisted since 2011 the development and approval of the national cybersecurity strategies in Colombia, Jamaica, Panama and Trinidad and Tobago and more recently in 2017, Chile and Paraguay. Currently, the OAS Cybersecurity Program is actively providing support to Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Mexico and Guatemala in the development of their national cybersecurity strategy.

The expected outcome is knowledge sharing with the participants on the approach taken by the OAS and to engage different stakeholders on how they can apply this approach in their region to ensure sustainability in the implementation of these national strategies.
Tag 1: Cybersecurity
Tag 2: Multistakeholder Cooperation
Tag 3: Multistakeholderism
Name(s) of Speaker(s):
Belisario Contreras, Program Manager, Cybersecurity Program, OAS
Kerry-Ann Barrett, Cybersecurity Project Officer, OAS 
Oscar Leon, Executive Secretary, Inter-American Telecommunication Commission (CITEL/OAS)
Edison Lanza, Special Rapporteur for Freedom of Expression, Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR)
Victor Lagunes, CIO, Presidency of the Republic of Mexico
Laurent Bernat, Cyber Security and Privacy Risk Policy Analyst, Organization for Economic Cooperation And Development (OECD)
Juanita Rodriguez, Director of IT and Standards, Ministry of ICT of Colombia (MINTIC)
Daniel Alvarez, Advisor, Under Secretary of Defense of Chile

Moderators (in-situ and online):
Belisario Contreras, Manager, Cybersecurity Program, Organization of American States (OAS)
Kerry-Ann Barrett, Cybersecurity Policy Specialist, Cybersecurity Program, Organization of American States (OAS)
Barbara Marchiori, Project Officer, Cybersecurity Program, Organization of American States (OAS)

Name of Online Moderator: Barbara Marchiori de Assis, Cybersecurity Project Officer, OAS
Background Paper: background_paper-oas_cybersecurity_open_forum.pdf
Past IGF Participation: Yes
Report Link: http://www.intgovforum.org/multilingual/index.php?q=filedepot_download/4115/321
Name: Mr. Belisario Contreras
Organizational Affiliation: Organization of American States

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