Child Safety Online: Measures to advance protection of children from exploitation

5 December 2008 - A Workshop on Security in Hyderabad, India


The Workshop will explore how different stakeholders are working to enhance the safety of children on the Internet through their independent actions and through cooperative mechanisms. 
The workshop will also focus on challenges faced by the IT industry in implementing protection mechanisms as related to technical issues, local and international regulations and additional steps that should be taken to provide sound protections to children. 

Child safety on the Internet is an issue that addresses several of the general themes of the IGF, namely security, openness, capacity building and multi-stakeholder cooperation, all of which will be discussed. The goal is to build upon the foundation established at the IGF in Rio de Janeiro where governments and civil society organized several workshops related to child safety and to move towards establishing a follow-up mechanism for ensuring such recommendations are implemented through actions. This workshop will also highlight successful initiatives that can reinforce the idea of multi-stakeholder co-operation and can foster similar initiatives globally. 

As more and more internet companies in a growing number of countries start to deploy blocking technologies to prevent access to known web sites carrying child abuse images, and as the financial services industry starts to become more closely engaged with stopping the trade, what additional steps need to be taken to rid the internet of this scourge?