Data & Trade: Identifying Win-Win Solutions for Future Digital Commerce

20 December 2017 - A Open Forum on Other in Geneva, Switzerland


With the increased adoption of digital technologies around the world, digital data has become a vital component of international trade. The surge of digital flows has been huge over the last 15 years, accounting for larger impact on GDP growth than traditional trade in goods according to McKinsey Global Institute. Moreover, data flows affect all segments of modern economy ranging from traditional industries to the start-ups. 
Discussion on the relationship between data policies and trade policies are emerging in the international fora. Recent submissions by WTO Members on e-commerce and services trade contain reflections on this increasingly important linkage and encourage more discussion on this topic. 
This open forum will review developments and policies in the field of data and trade. In particular, it will discuss how data policies can have an impact on international trade as well as what could be done to support small and medium enterprises to be effective actors in the data-driven economic landscape. The open forum will also discuss win-win solutions for data flows and how to make trade-offs whenever they have to be made between trade and related areas such as data protection and cybersecurity.
The open forum will facilitate inclusive and informed discussion. In addition to international organisations, the open forum will facilitate inputs from governments, civil society and the business sector.
Tag 1: Digital Trade
Tag 2: Data Flows
Tag 3: Internet and trade communities
Name(s) of Speaker(s):
• Permanent Mission of Netherlands
• Permanent Mission of Chile
• Marion Jansen, Chief Economist, ITC (moderator)

Name of Online Moderator: Roxana Radu
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Past IGF Participation: No
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Name: Ms. Jimena Ayelen Sotelo
Organizational Affiliation: International Trade Centre

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