Cybersecurity 2.0: Leveraging the Multistakeholder Model to Develop and Deploy Cybersecurity Policy

20 December 2017 - A Open Forum on Other in Geneva, Switzerland


As countries develop their cybersecurity policy and legislation in order to face growing cyber threats, they are increasingly coming to rely upon multiple levels of dialogue with a diversity of actors in the cyber domain: private sector organizations, ISPs, NGOs, international organizations, and standard-setting bodies. Indeed, given that the cyber domain is intrinsically civilian, governments simply cannot act alone – they need to engage with their stakeholders in a collaborative fashion. 
The purpose of the open forum would be to allow participants to share thoughts, ideas and best practices on how to make optimal use of the multistakeholder model in the emerging field of cybersecurity law and policy.
Tag 1: Cybersecurity
Tag 2: Multistakeholder
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Name(s) of Speaker(s):
Offical from Israel National Cyber Bureau; oficial from NTIA (US Dept. Of Commerce); representative of Microsoft
Name of Online Moderator: Taz Zarsky (tentative)
Background Paper: cybersecurity_multistakeholder_model.pdf
Past IGF Participation: No
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Name: Mr. Amit Ashkenazi
Organizational Affiliation: Israel National Cyber Bureau

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