What will the web be like in 20 year's time?

5 December 2008 - A Workshop on Internet Governance Principles in Hyderabad, India


Internet Governance should be based on the future Internet environment. It should not be based entirely on today's Internet. There is much that will change Internet content and usage - and this should shape regulation. This workshop should help to provide you with 'new maps' - essential for planning and deciding Internet Governance today. 

Part 1: Insights into our future world 
A Panel of Specialists from the world of the Research, International Telecommunications Union, NHK Japan, the World Broadcasting Union will analyze the following dimensions, drawing also on discussions in other Workshops. 
What will be the shape of the web to come? Will it be a story teller, a fact finder, a distributor of media, or something quite different? 
How much of an 'intelligent machine' will it be?

  • What content?
  • What technical developments (bandwidth, speed, connectivity, etc.) ?
  • What relationship between broadcast, media and Internet?
  • What ownership?
  • What regulation?
  • The bottom line: what Quality of Experience?

Part 2: Interactive discussions
Panelist and workshop participants will try to bring together the different elements. What kind of Internet environment is possible, and what is probable? How can we plan today the governance of tomorrow? What will change when an “internet by objects” will become possible ? How will change the search engines world ?
Arrangements for the Governance of the web and Internet should take into account its potential evolution. A governance approach which is future proof is needed. The workshop should offer a vision of the future of the web, in content and technical tools. The aim is to assemble the best information available. The interactive discussion will examine how this should influence and shape Internet Governance today.