Best Practice Forum on Cybersecurity

20 December 2017 - A Best Practice Forum on Other in Geneva, Switzerland


The 2017 Best Practice Forum on Cybersecurity is an intersessional activity of the IGF. The BPF convened in regular monthly virtual meetings to discuss, and prepare in an open and collaborative way its output feeding into the 2017 IGF.

The 2017 BPF explored how cybersecurity influences the ability of ICTs and Internet Technologies to support the achievement of the SDGs, looked at the roles and responsibilities of the different stakeholder groups and aimed to identify policy mitigations that can help ensure the next billion(s) users can be connected in a safe and reliable manner to fully benefit from existing and future technologies. The BPF collected community views on what critical cybersecurity issues would benefit from a multi-stakeholder approach.

The current draft BPF output document is available at  .

Community input received via the online review platform and during the meeting will be used to further enrich the document, and the final BPF Cybersecurity output will be publish after the IGF meeting as part of the tangible results of the IGF’s 2017 intersessional activities.

Session outline

Introduction to the 2017 Best Practices Forum goals
Introduction of panelists
Introduction of the process followed in 2017

Report of the Cybersecurity Main Session

Policy options
Walkthrough of all policy options identified
Highlighting of two policy areas and discussion with panelists and attendees

  • Safe and reliable access / securing shared critical services
  • Preventing collected information from being reused for inappropriate purposes / protecting against potential abuse by authorities

Areas to develop further stakeholder conversation

Walkthrough of areas to develop further stakeholder conversation identified
Highlighting of the top area we determine and discussion with panelists and attendees on how the BPF can support it in future years

  • Culture, values and norms
  • The Digital security divide

Agreement on proposals for 2018 topics

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