Youth for Rights

17 December 2017 - A Other on Other in Geneva, Switzerland


Organization: Youth for Rights (Y4R)

Title: Youth for Rights


Internet is an important and ubiquitous social, economic, political, cultural, educational, and communication platform for societies worldwide. Legal, political, and social issues are increasingly being decided in internet policy discussions. These discussions and policy decisions have a major impact on young people, and are often made without their involvement or consideration despite being the largest demographic of internet users.

The Youth for Rights is a initiative for young people to learn about the many digital rights issues impacting them. Attendees will participate in an 8 hours workshop, walking through policy, advocacy, movement building, and technological discussions led by trainers/experts from digital rights community. Participants will be able to learn and engage on issues of: open source technology and development, data protection and privacy, network discrimination and connectivity, digital security, diversity and digital inclusion, human rights, trade and business, and more.

The objectives and goal for the Youth for Rights is to:

- Improve young people’s understanding of internet policy impact on youth.
- Help develop practical advocacy skills for youth for engagement in digital rights and policy discussions.
- Provide a platform for young people to raise and discuss digital rights that affect them.
- To provide a greater sense and knowledge on digital rights issues to the youth.
- To enable the capacity and capability of younger generation on mapping the digital rights issues and solution in their respective communities. 

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