The protection of personal data and privacy in the information society: towards an international

5 December 2008 - A Workshop on Security in Hyderabad, India


With the very fast evolution of ICTs, the capacity of data storage and data mining, the international flows of data that keep increasing, the existing surveillance of internet users whether by public authority in the name of security or private companies for economic interests, the development of web 2.0, etc., there is a growing and urgent need to take into account the issue of privacy and data protection. 

Privacy is a fundamental right recognized as such by the Universal Declaration of human rights;  it is guarantied at the digital age by data protection principles and rights which are all the more important that they are a precondition to the exercise of other human rights and fundamental freedoms such as freedom of expression. 

The workshop will highlight the key privacy and personal data protection issues facing different categories of Internet users. 
It will address the necessity and the ways to establish privacy and data protection principles and rights at global level. 
It will also deal with the different practical tools that can be used or developed to implement them and ensure effective protection in different circumstances : basic legal principles and rights, laws and regulations, international instruments, education, awareness-raising, self-regulation and privacy enhancing technologies.