Towards a Global Citizens Debate on the Digital Future: Involving "day-to-day" Citizens from All Over the Planet

17 December 2017 - A Other on Other in Geneva, Switzerland


Organization: MISSIONS PUBLIQUES - Savoir Devenir

Title: Towards a global citizens debate on the digital future: involving "day-to-day"citizens from all over the planet


The global discussion on the Internet and its future has reached a certain inertia after a decade of decision-shaping forums (IGF, WSIS, NetMundial, ICANN,…). New issues are emerging that modify the rules and potentially change the routines: fake news, propaganda, algorithm regulation, … In all these debates, difficulty to reach out to the public at large and yet there is a maturation of the public, concerned over massive surveillance, big data exploitation, privacy infringements, robotization of jobs… Citizens are ready to understand complex issues, to contribute to the vision for the future and to offer their prospective to stakeholders. So there is timeliness and urgency in reaching out to day to day citizens voices and to bring up their perspective from the bottom up.
The purpose of this event is an exploration of the interest to associate at large scale in a “collective intelligence” procedure day-to-day citizens from 100+ different countries. The proposed planetary debate will produce the results of an informed public opinion on the key choices at the root of our digital future : Fragementation vs unicity, neutrality, regulation, capacity, access, security, literacy, harrassment … without framing them a priori.

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