NRIs Coordination Session

21 December 2017 - A Other on Other in Geneva, Switzerland


Thursday, 21 December, 12:30-13:30, Room XXV


An open work meeting between the national, regional, and Youth IGF Initiatives, and the UNDESA, IGF MAG Chair and IGF Secretariat.

Format: Roundtable work meeting, open to everyone. Session divided into two segments. First segment will include introductory remarks from the IGF Secretariat, MAG Chair and UNDESA (10 minutes in total).

Second segment will include remarks from the NRIs, as well as interactions between NRIs, UNDESA, MAG Chair and IGF Secretariat; it therefore aims to take the form of an interactive dialogue.


  1. Remarks by MAG Chair

  2. Remarks by UNDESA

  3. Remarks by IGF Secretariat

  4. Remarks by NRIs on the following items:

    • In terms of NRIs joint work, what worked well in 2017 and what should be the NRIs objectives for IGF 2018?
    • Should/can all NRIs come up with a topic of mutual interest for the NRIs joint substantive work for next year?
    • What should be the nature of future collaboration among the NRIs; and the NRIs and the IGF?
    • What is or could be the role of regional and sub-regional IGFs (in the broader framework of interactions between NRIs)?
    • Feedback and suggestions on current and future support from the IGF (Secretariat, MAG, UNDESA) to the NRIs.
  5. Key messages from the session
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