Building Blocks of Trust for a Sustainable Evolving Internet

21 December 2017 - A Open Forum on Other in Geneva, Switzerland


As the value of the Internet and ICTs in all areas of global community and economy grows, issues of trust, ethics, and privacy can become barriers to achieving global benefit, particularly for underserved countries and communities. As individuals and businesses increasingly rely on digital platforms to communicate, collaborate and transact, the trust we put into the Internet and modern technology is becoming one of the most important drivers of our future economic growth, shared prosperity and societal progress. Modern platforms are powering innovation and gains in productivity with profound impacts on people's lives and the Internet and ICTs will play a critical role in accelerating achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals by 2030.

Trust is a key element for a sustainable and evolving Internet, especially in an increasing inter-connected world and it is increasingly becoming a key asset in an ever more complex digital world. Equity of access to data and resources on the Internet is core to social and economic progress. But how do we ensure the benefits of the Internet and ICTs when trust boundaries are changing, contributing to a new dynamic global environment that may inspire insecurity, fear and suspicion therefore creating consequences for how the Internet and ICTs can be leveraged for delivering a better future for world citizens?

This Open Forum will be set in the context of IEEE’s Global Initiative on Ethical Considerations of Autonomous Systems—an initiative that addresses over 10 dimensions of ethical and human rights issues, including those related to economics, society, personal data and individual access, law and policy, and that has working groups in Brazil, Europe, China, Japan, Korea and No. America. It will provide global and local perspectives on the issues of the new trust dynamic from a set of principles rooted in responsibility, transparency and human centricity. From the Initiative’s work, the Forum’s presenters will share how to identify opportunities for real-world outputs that support trustworthy solutions and how to work collectively in a multi-stakeholder framework to encourage privacy and ethical responsibility in Internet and ICT development and use.
Tag 1: Human Rights
Tag 2: Trust
Tag 3: Privacy
Name(s) of Speaker(s):
Ms. Jia He, Chengdu University of Information Technology, China
Ms. Arisa Ema, University of Tokyo, Japan
Ms. Danit Gal, Peking University, Israel

Name of Online Moderator: Ms. Karen McCabe, IEEE
Background Paper: IEEE Ethics by Design Overview FIN.pdf
Past IGF Participation: Yes
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Name: Ms. Karen McCabe Karen McCabe
Organizational Affiliation: IEEE

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