Getting the Pacific online

5 December 2008 - A Workshop on Access in Hyderabad, India


Spanning in an Ocean space the size of one third of the globe, the Pacific Island countries challenges could be as vast as the span of the ocean itself, with thousands of islands and small populations spread over this huge span of ocean. Satellites in almost all cases is the only way for access, to inter connect the islands and to connect the islands to the international highway.

Unlike other regions and in developed regions where the scale of economy is a positive factor, the issue of ACCESS will remain the top and critical factor for connecting the communities online with the least developed and developing economies from this region and small island countries. 

Why access is so critical for the Pacific Islands? 

This workshop is aimed to help answer this question and to raise awareness of the unique issues of access and subsequently the needs for partnerships, cooperation and provisions in special case considerations. Addressing access (physical links) and demand (bandwidth) are two important elements in access which are both costly for the Pacific and is multi-stakeholder problem to be solved by multi-stakeholder approach. Providing access and services to all gives everyone more equal opportunities across all age groups, and gender The Presenters and the Panelists will show and discuss the attributes that characterizes why access in this sub region is a critical resource in the equation of getting the Pacific online, examining the physical and economic disadvantages of the Small Island developing states and how some special considerations, alternatives and models could be of help to address this greatest challenge, of access in the Pacific Islands.