Portal of the Municipal Government

21 December 2017 - A Open Forum on Other in Geneva, Switzerland


The Portal of the Municipal Government is a project that is based on the new paradigm of e-Government and that aims to be in tune with the global trends that exist today, adapt to the conditions of the country with respect to the technological infrastructure, the functions of the Public administration and the need for information of local citizens. Access to this technological tool allows citizens to access the news and information about each event that is being developed in their locality, the projects they are carrying out to improve their environment, actions that encourage the care of the environment, the innovation in the locality, the detailed information on the municipalities realizable in the municipality, the access to the services that are offered in the municipality with an update in the real time of the municipal offer, the availability of a noticeboard with the events that are carried out In the municipality, the active participation of citizens in forums, surveys, complaints, suggestions and surrenders that promote the improvement of the environment in which they live; Launches of calls by the different organizations of masses and educational, cultural and sports centers of the municipality, unlimited access to legal documentation with those governing the country, say: laws, codes, gazettes and regulations.
Tag 1: Smart Cities
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Name(s) of Speaker(s): Jessica Pedraza Azúa, Miguel Herrera Ascanio
Name of Online Moderator: Miguel Herrera Ascanio
Background Paper: proyecto_social-_portal_del_gobierno_municipal_de_centro_habana.pdf
Past IGF Participation: No
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Name: Ms. Jessica Pedraza Azúa
Organizational Affiliation: Citma

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