Towards an Inclusive Cybersecurity Capacity Building Approach

21 December 2017 - A Workshop on Other in Geneva, Switzerland


Proposer's Name: Mr. Belisario Contreras
Proposer's Organization: Organization of American States
Co-Proposer's Name: Ms. Daniela Schnidrig
Co-Proposer's Organization: Global Partners Digital
Mr., Belisario, CONTRERAS, Intergovernmental Organization, Organization of American States (OAS)
Ms., Daniela, SCHNIDRIG, Civil Society, Global Partners Digital

Session Format: Round Table - 90 Min

Country: United States
Stakeholder Group: Intergovernmental Organizations

Country: United Kingdom
Stakeholder Group: Civil Society

Speaker: Lea Kaspar
Speaker: Alberto Hernandez
Speaker: Chris Painter
Speaker: David Duren
Speaker: Kaja Ciglic

Content of the Session:
With increasing challenges to ensure a free, open and secure online environment, and a growing demand for cyber capacity, it is vital for all stakeholders to work together. Governments are recognising that internet policy issues are increasingly complex and have impacts across society, economy and policy. This makes policy development and capacity building all the more challenging and the considerations more broad and interrelated. This complexity warrants an inclusive and expertise-driven approach to policy development and capacity building in which stakeholders have a critical role. However, involving stakeholders in security-related discussions is still a challenge, and more work remains to be done to ensure their meaningful participation in cybersecurity processes and capacity building initiatives.

This session aims to bring together different stakeholders involved in cybersecurity capacity building efforts to discussion why it’s vital that cybersecurity capacity building is approached in an inclusive way, address the different roles of stakeholders and bring concrete examples of best practices.

Relevance of the Session:
A cyberspace that is free, open and secure is a prerequisite for a digital future that benefits us all and that allows society to fully reap the potential of digital technologies. In that regard, users’ trust in the internet is a central aspect, without which there would be no internet to govern. Building stakeholder capacity to address the many risks posed by increased connectivity is therefore a key internet governance issue and one that urgently needs to be addressed.

Tag 1: Cybersecurity
Tag 2: Capacity Building
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The purpose of the session is to address the relevance of including different stakeholder groups in cybersecurity capacity building efforts and explore best practices. Suggested speakers come from different stakeholder groups, have expertise on this issue and many are participating actively in ongoing cyber capacity building initiatives, therefore bringing unique perspectives to the discussion

The list of proposed speakers is varied and diverse in terms of gender, geography, stakeholder groups, policy perspectives and areas of expertise. Suggested speakers are qualified experts who will bring unique perspectives to the discussion.

Onsite Moderator: Kerry-Ann Barrett, OAS
Online Moderator: Matthew Shears, GDP
Rapporteur: Barbara Marchiori, OAS

Online Participation:
A remote moderator will be in permanent contact with remote participants and update them on the progress of the session. Remote participants will be encouraged to feed into the discussion, and their comments and remarks will be fed back to the room to incorporate them in the discussion.
There will be a specific segment of the session dedicated to receiving questions from remote participants, to make sure they have opportunities to intervene and engage.

Discussion facilitation:
The roundtable format will enable to have a dynamic and interactive conversation with expert speakers. The moderator will make sure to give everyone equal opportunity to participate. Speakers will provide brief interventions to kick off the debate, after which both audience participants and online participants will have the opportunity to comment, ask questions and engage with the experts. 

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