Data and the SDGs: From Opportunities to Impact

21 December 2017 - A Open Forum on Other in Geneva, Switzerland


"The importance of data for social and economic development is often mentioned in international discussions. However, the practical applications of data in development field is still largely under-explored. 

This session aims to discuss this interplay between the potential of new kinds of data and their practical application. In particular, the session will focus on data as tool for monitoring and implementing the SDGs. The rapid rise of new kinds of data - from mobile phone records to drone footage - can give new insights for the international community in assessing needs and gaps in their operations and respond in a more targeted manner. In addition, big data might offer a way to measure progress towards the 2030 agenda more comprehensively.

Yet, these opportunities are coupled with a number of challenges. Is data retrieved from digital devices representative of the whole population, or do these new kinds of data obscure the experiences of people who are unconnected? How to ensure data protection in areas where privacy is not properly regulated, yet where the sensitivity of the data might be enhanced with the vulnerability of the population? This Open Forum attempts to tackle the opportunities and challenges related to the use of Big Data for the SDGs."

Tag 1: Internet Governance
Tag 2: Data
Tag 3: Data

Name(s) of Speaker(s):
Nadia Isler, Director, Director of SDG Lab, UN Office in Geneva (moderator)
Barbara Rosen Jacobson, Programme Manager, DiploFoundation & Geneva Internet Platform
Rosy Mondardini, Managing Director, ETH/UZH Citizen Science Center
Linus Bengtsson, Executive Director, Flowminder Foundation
John Crowley, Manager of Knowledge and Learning at IFRC

Name of Online Moderator: Katharina Höne
Background Paper:
Past IGF Participation: No
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Name: Ms. Katrina HARDIE
Organizational Affiliation: UNOG

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