Driving Investment in emerging economies in the changing

4 December 2008 - A Workshop on Internet Governance for Development in Hyderabad, India


The workshop will discuss the importance of effective investment, development & regulatory policy for emerging economies for digital growth today, taking into account the recent world economic downturn. It will discuss how national policy makers can, and are making a difference in terms of Internet penetration, establishing a framework for security, establishing programs to encourage development of local content, support freedom of expression, privacy, protection of children online, and create initiatives for capacity building. It will also discuss the importance of public-private approaches in achieving the desired goals. The focus would be on building an “eco-system for digital growth”.


Today, just over 1.4 billion world citizens are using the Internet. Mobile growth, and the role of wireless connectivity, for both voice and Internet, has become the driver of access in all economies – whether developed, emerging, or developing. Much of the content accessed via the Internet today is not yet in multiple languages. Countries are developing digital strategies to ensure that their citizens have access to services; information, and resources, and are facing a number of policy challenges, including how to best ensure the needed financial investment in infrastructure/services/content. The role of content on the Internet is changing as it is growing in its demands on the Internet’s resources. But, overall, the challenges faced by developing and emerging economies remains ensuring investment in the infrastructure, content, information, and skills needed to broaden and deepen access to all.