Quick and Easy: AI solutions for nimble public services

19 December 2017 - A Open Forum on Other in Geneva, Switzerland


While basic e-governance services become increasingly matter-of-course we would like to catch a glimpse of customer friendly public services in a near future. The possibility to obtain information from and to interact with public authorities using the internet is used by at least 70% of the population while sending filled forms to public authorities - by 32% of individuals in Latvia (according to Eurostat). Now we aim at a broader and more sophisticated inclusion of different groups of people with the help of AI and data based solutions: 
• the use of data based solutions improves the efficiency of public services;
• spoken language communication expands accessibility of public services for people with special needs like visual impairment or dyslexia;
• multilingual communication helps foreigners living or doing business in or with Latvia;
• virtual agents enrich the experience of the customers of public libraries and increase the value of the digital public data supporting human assistants rather than substituting them.
Tag 1: Internet-based Innovation
Tag 2: Policies Enabling Access
Tag 3: Enhancing Accessibility for Persons with Disabilities
Name(s) of Speaker(s):
Mr.Edmunds Belskis
Dr.Signe Balina
Dr.Andrejs Vasiljevs
Mr.Aigars Jaundalderis

Name of Online Moderators: Ms.Liene Grike, Ms.Elza Mikule
Background Paper: tilde_virtual_assistants_for_igf_2017.pdf
Past IGF Participation: No
Report Link:
Name: Ms. Katrina Kosa-Ammari
Organizational Affiliation: Permanent Mission of Latvia to the UN, Geneva
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