Internet Rights and Principles Coalition

18 December 2017 - A Dynamic Coalition on Other in Geneva, Switzerland


Join us for a live, open brainstorming session on the Educational Resource Guide to the Charter of Human Rights and Principles for the Internet.

The Resource Guide is a new project that develops cases, scenarios, subjects for debate, and focal points for capacity building and awareness raising around human rights and internet governance for international as well as local, community contexts. The full IRPC Charter is currently available in eight languages in booklet form. The Ten Internet Rights and Principles have been translated into 25 languages.

You can download Version 1 of the IRPC Charter Resource Guide, uploaded as a Presentation, below at the end of this page.

Version 2 of the Guide, with additional material, is currently available to view, and to comment on the IGF Dynamic Coalition Review Platform. This paper is an abbreviated form of the full Resource Guide, which is being presented as the IRPC Project Paper during the Dynamic Coalitions Main Session on Wednesday morning.

The aim of this meeting is to gather more ideas for cases, outreach and educational scenarios from around the world that can continue to populate the Resource Guide as we move it forward.

Bring your ideas, projects completed or ongoing, classroom and other sorts of activities that can illustrate issues arising from the 21 Articles that make up the IRPC Charter so we can include them in the next version of the Resource Guide.

All languages, regions, countries, and communities whose work speaks to human rights and principles for the internet as expressed in this charter are welcome. We also welcome issues that have not been included such as the environment, indigenous peoples' rights and emerging debates that resonate with the charter.


- Opening Remarks from the Moderator  - Marianne Franklin (co-Chair IRPC)

- Overview of Outreach and Educational work with the Charter in the MENA region - Hanane Boujemi (IRPC co-Chair) 

- Live brainstorm and input into the Resource Guide

- Next Steps

- Concluding Remarks

Rapporteur - Minda Moreira
Remote Participation Moderator - Sahajman Shrestha (IRP Coalition SC Member)

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