China's Internet Policy to Shape the Digital Future

18 December 2017 - A Open Forum on Other in Geneva, Switzerland


The Chinese government places high value on IT application and development, and is devoted to promoting digital economy development and sharing digital dividends. China has enacted a series of policies, laws and regulations to facilitate healthy and rapid development of digital economy, and expects to improve people's livelihood and benefit mankind through the Internet. 

China is vigorously implementing the national strategies for cyber development, IT application, big data and the “Internet Plus” action plan. It has introduced the 13th Five-Year Plan of National IT Development and the 13th Five-Year Plan of E-commerce Development to propel the integration of digital and real economies.

China advocates the principle of cooperation and shared benefits, and is committed to promoting digital economy globally and providing impetus for the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. The Wuzhen Report on World Internet Development released at the World Internet Conference emphasized open development of digital economy. The Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation proposed to pursue innovation-driven development and build a digital silk road. The latest International Strategy of Cooperation on Cyberspace calls for openness and cooperation, and promotes the building of a community of shared future in cyberspace.

The proposed Open Forum intends to invite speakers from Chinese cyberspace authorities, world-known Internet businesses, research institutes, and think tanks. It aims to act as a platform for introducing China’s achievements in digital economy and the development of relevant policies, laws and regulations, sharing best practices and advanced experience, and exploring with other countries how Internet can widely spread digital dividends and better benefit people of all countries.

Tag 1: Digital Economy
Tag 2: Rule of Law
Tag 3: Online Applications

Name(s) of Speaker(s):
CAC officials;
Experts from Chinese Academy of Cybersecurity Studies;
Delegate from Tecent;
Delegate from Alibaba;
Delegate from Baidu;
Delegate from Taihe Global Institute;

Name of Online Moderator: WANG Jianchao, Deputy Director General of CAC
Background Paper:
Past IGF Participation: Yes
Report Link:
Name: Ms. Bin Bin Wei
Organizational Affiliation: Cyberspace Administration of China

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