Civil Society & Private Sector Build ICT support for SDGs

8 December 2016 - A Workshop on Other in Guadalajara, Mexico


The UN (SDGs) initiative describes itself as an “action plan for people, planet and prosperity.” The SDG agenda includes aspirations across a wide range of issues, spanning poverty, hunger, education, justice, economic growth and infrastructure, to name a few. In all, the SDG outlines 17 goals and 169 specific targets.

Given the role of critical enabler that the Internet has taken on for both developed and developing economies, the likelihood of actually achieving any of these goals will be greatly increased if information infrastructure (ICTs and the Internet) is available and made use of in relevant ways. Strong Civil Society and Private Sector partnership and bridge building with Government Officials and others will enhance the enabling role of the Internet, demonstrated with the following examples: 

SDGs 1. & 8. “No Poverty and “Decent Work and Economic Growth” 
Information Infrastructure is proving to be powerful driver of economic growth, which in many countries, has begun to lift citizens out of the clutches of poverty through job creation.

SDGs 9. & 12. “Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure” leads to “Responsible Consumption and Production”

ICTs and the Internet contribute to innovation, expansion of industry and critically important infrastructure all of which contributes to the production of goods and services to be responsibly consumed.

SDGs 2. & 3. & 4. “Zero Hunger”, “Good Health and Well-Being” need to be a given before “Quality Education” can begin.

Speakers provisionally confirmed:

  • Manu Bhardwaj, Senior Advisor on Technology and Internet Policy to the Under Secretary of the Department of State, Government, USA (confirmed)
  • Sarah Wynn-Williams, Director of Public Policy, Facebook, Private Sector, USA (confirmed)
  • Marilyn Cade, President, ICT Strategies, Private Sector, USA (confirmedModerator
  • Dr. Ailyn Febles, President, Union of Informatics Professionals of Cuba, Civil Society, Cuba (confirmed)
  • Tatiana Delgado, Vice President, Union of Informatics Professionals of Cuba, Civil Society, Cuba (confirmed)
  • Ivan Barreto, Vice President, Association of Pedagogues of Cuba, Civil Society, Cuba (confirmed)
  • Yarina Amoroso, President, Society of Right of Informatics in Cuba, Civil Society, Cuba (confirmed)
  • Salam Al Waeli, Director of Programs-IJMA3 and Board member-WAVE, NGO, Iraq, (confirmed remote participation)
  • Anders Halvorsen, Vice President, WITSA, NGO, USA. (confirmed remote rapporteur)
  • Sam Paltridge, Directorate of Science, Technology and Industry, OECD, IGO, France (confirmed)
  • Ellen Blackler, Vice President Global Public Policy, The Walt Disney Company, Private Sector, USA (confirmed)
  • Jimson Olufuye, Chair, African ICT Alliance [AfiCTA], NGO, Nigeria (confirmed)
  • Gonzalo Lopez-Barajas Huder, Manager Public Policy & Internet, Telefonica, Private Sector, Spain (confirmed)
  • Ms. Iffat Gill, CEO, The Code to Change, Civil Society, Pakistan (confirmed remote participation)
  • Wahab Sadaat, Deputy Minister, Minsitry of Communications and IT, Afghanistan, Government, (confirmed)
  • Garland T. McCoy, President, Technology Education Institute, Civil Society, USA. (confirmed onsite rapporteur)  



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