Evolution of the Root Server System

4 December 2008 - A Workshop on Critical Internet Resources in Hyderabad, India


The purpose of this workshop is to provide a basis for a better understanding of the root server system and to explore how the it is evolving in response to increased requirements. The workshop will provide an introduction to the root server operators, how they cooperate, and how they contribute to the stability and secure operation of the Domain Name System (DNS).The root server system is evolving along with the evolution of Internet functionality and user needs. In particular, progress is being made in its extension to include IPv6 capabilities, IDNs, introducing DNSSEC into root operations,growth of more root server copies, and increased distribution of the signed root zone. All of these activities are important to understand if the importance of the root server system and the current structure of the DNS is to be understood. It must operate well, without compromise, for the continued functioning of the DNS and the Internet as a whole.