Doxxing women: privacy protections against gender violence

8 December 2016 - A Workshop on Other in Guadalajara, Mexico



Renata Baltar


Ana Paula Lourenço (Remote)
Flavia Lefevre Guimarães - Proteste 
Louise Marie Hurel - FGV
Kemly Camacho - Sula Batsu
Erika Smith - APC

Remote Moderator:
Jamila Venturini (PT-BR)
Bernice Kibet (EN)

Shita Lakshmi (Hivos/MAG)

Informing the audience about a problem on online violence against women and genderfluid internet users all over the world. Presenting world statistics on cybercrimes. A discussion about the stats on suicides committed by young women who had their lives exposed in the internet. In this workshop we aim to teach best practices in defending against cyberattacks. We will also use the concepts of online protection and privacy on desktop and mobile apps. Techniques used as phishing, malware and how to guard against them will also be established. Having in mind also women and LGBTQ living in developing countries we will talk about what to do when doxxing (the practice of identity data exposure) is done to them and how can they react. This work stems from actual on-the-field experience in training in gender and technology issues done in a regional event in Ceara (Northeast Brazil), Python women programmers regional group, Campus Party festival national editions twice and Conference of Women in Free Software and International Free Software Forum. All knowledge acquired in these opportunites will be shared and rebuilt with participants.

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