Multicultural and multistakeholder Capacity Building

8 December 2016 - A Workshop on Other in Guadalajara, Mexico


Since the first IGF in 2006, several regional, national IGFs, dialogue spaces and capacity building initiatives have been created.

The purpose of this workshop is to exchange ideas about the experiences, outcomes and effectiveness of these debate spaces and capacity building initiatives and if they have an impact in promoting inclusive and sustainable growth. The workshop will review whether these initiatives to see if they accurately reflect the multistakeholder model and its implicit requirements, namely multiculturalism and multilingualism.

All the Internet Governance fundamental documents, since WSIS Tunis Agenda until the WSIS+10 Outcome Document released in 2015, recognize the importance of a multistakeholder dialogue and the value of capacity building initiatives.

But are they being effective? 
Are they mindful of development and inclusiveness?
Are they mindful of local reality and problems?

This debate will be based in these ideas:

How to balance the stakeholder participation in the dialogue spaces? 
Are all stakeholders presently participating in them?
Is remote participation an equal or good way to participate?
Is language a barrier? Does simultaneous interpretation make the difference? 
Within the context of economic barriers, should Internet Governance capacity building programs be paid or should all be available through fellowship programs? 
How can the gender composition of panels and discussions be addressed in these activities? 
How are these programs ensuring equity of voice during these events? 
With regard to language barriers, how to translate Internet governance material(s) into various languages without sacrificing timeliness and accuracy or causing volunteer burn-out?

We have a group of distinguished colleagues who will join us:

Martinez, Cintya
Reyes Krafft, Alfredo
Hibbard, Lee
Vega Gómez, Julio César
Contreras, Belisario
Tapia, Karka
Leonardi, Marcel
Komarov, Mikhail
Aguerre, Carolina
Ribeiro, Renata Aquino

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