Hands-on youth-driven Internet initiatives

9 December 2016 - A Workshop on Other in Guadalajara, Mexico


With the growing integration of the Internet in the lives of a substantial part of the world’s population, its governance is an emerging question that is of leading importance to all of society. However, knowledge about what the network is and what are the methods employed in its decision making process are questions that remain largely secluded within a community of experts. While access to the network grows, the diffusion of knowledge about themes such as the multistakeholder model and the participation in collaborative projects remains low to society as a whole.

As the youth who grew up with the Internet as an integral part of their lives start to penetrate academia and the work market, they are finding innovative ways of engaging their communities and peers with a hands-on approach, leading projects that offer new perspectives of reaching out to society. Faced with financial limitations, the youth that wish to be part of the process find ways to overcome language and cultural barriers, and become ever more present in the Internet Governance structure.

This panel seeks to discuss the state and possibility of growth of youth-driven initiatives based on projects that are already on course, taking as a basis the Governance Primer course, the Youth SIG in Latin America, The Peregrino project, Wikimedia Mexico, and other relevant experiences, all of which are largely or entirely run by youth, and attempt to bridge in different ways the global society and the Internet.

Participants are very encouraged to present their own projects!

Speakers confirmed:

Datysgeld, Mark
Callegari, Agustina
Martínez, Iván
Moura, Lucas
Okal, June
Fratti, Sara

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