Public policies to increase accessibility

7 December 2016 - A Workshop on Other in Guadalajara, Mexico


According with the World Health Organization, nowadays there are more than 1000 million people with disability globally, that is about 15% of the world’s population. Taking into consideration in the aforementioned, disability is a development priority, as it could be seen in the sustainable development goals that make different emphasis in this topic.
In order to accomplish these objectives, it is essential to ensure that persons with disabilities have access to information and communication technologies, including Internet so the persons with disabilities fully enjoy this fundamental right and have access to all kind of social services. 
In this regard, this panel is relevant to Internet Governance because it will allow knowing the national and international experiences that have been developed in order to promote the inclusiveness of people with disabilities in the information and communication technologies as well as the Internet. Sharing the successful stories to promote the accessibility will benefit all people with disability from birth to old.

Speakers provisionally confirmed:

- Mónica Duhem, Hearcolors

-Mignon L. Clyburn, Federal Communications Commission (FCC)

-James Thurston, G3ict

-Adriana Labardini, Federal Telecommunications Institute

-Chandra Roy-Henriksen, Secretariat of the Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues at the United Nations

-Donal J. Rice, NDA

-Shadi Abou-Zahra,  W3C Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI)

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