How to Acknowledge Cyber Evidence: Reform / New Parallel Law

7 December 2016 - A Workshop on Other in Guadalajara, Mexico


The workshop session should look into the following topics and cause:

1. How to address and acknowledge the Cyber Evidence, where virtual and real-life activities should be treated equally with logical sequence of happenings and identity confirmation;

2. Whether the modernization and/or amendment of classical criminal procedure, evidence law, etc. are good enough to manage the human rights and criminal activities in internet domain (i.e. co-existence of real and virtual domain);

3. Whether the law enforcement activities e.g. surveillance, intelligence, policing, defense, etc. are going to require separate legal and administrative frameworks (i.e. drafted from scratch to separate the real and virtual domain) for the sustainable eco-system;

4. The short-term and long-term governance model for the internet legislature and internet eco-system.

The outcome / recommendation of the workshop should be based on following items:
1. Points/Remarks raised from the each group of participants;
2. Recommendation given by the Rapporteurs;
3. Counter-Logic and answers given by the Rapporteurs;
4. Conclusion drawn by the Moderator.

Speakers provisionally confirmed:

Al-Saqaf, Dr. Walid
Aryal, Babu Ram
Bari, Md. Emdad Ul
Hackshaw, Tracy F.
Lemineur, Marie-Laure
Sabir, Sumon Ahmed

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