ICT4D: Connecting CS roles on access, finance & knowledge

7 December 2016 - A Workshop on Other in Guadalajara, Mexico


This session is presented on behalf of the Internet Governance Caucus (IGC), which is one of the groups advocating for the interests of civil society actors within the Internet Governance arena.

Access, finance and knowledge are critical factors of sustainability and development. Stakeholders in the internet governance and economic development need to play more assertive roles and devise new strategy of enabling inclusion through access provision, knowledge replica and distribution; and financing ICT for Development. The role of civil society in this context is complex. This workshop will consider a mapping of the spaces where CS does engage and should engage in the three areas of focus for the workshop: access provision, financing ICT4D and knowledge distribution.

Therefore, civil society needs to have a critical discussion on how they could better involve in the financing of ICT4D and access provision. Also, in what way and capacity can civil society help bridging digital divide through knowledge distribution and capacity building?

Harnessing and reviewing the roles of civil society in Internet Governance and economic development would better help advance and connect civil society participation in the discussions of ICT for development especially Internet governance and its sustainability.

In brief, the workshop is going to identify the challenges and look to existing best practices and approaches as well as processes and institutions that have addressed part or all of the focus area of the workshop. 

Speakers provisionally confirmed:

Bollow, Norbert
Cadena, Sylvia
Gurstein, Michael
Hvale Pellizzer, Valentina
Kane, Cissé
Malcolm, Jeremy
Mueller, Milton

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