Collaboration towards and beyond the Child Online Protection

7 December 2016 - A Workshop on Other in Guadalajara, Mexico


Children are integral part and the key stakeholders for the society. The need to ensure their access and inclusion on any development initiatives is important, not only for the increased use of the platform (Internet) but also global development and growth. As we are aware, Internet usage by kids has expanded dramatically over the last two decades, and the ways children, youth, and adults use these tools are in rapid flux, as new technologies are developed. However, if development of the internet is not accompanied by structured, continuous and measurable e-literacy education programs, then a wide range of problems are created and children are left vulnerable. The exposure to the kids is particularly significant due to their limitation in understanding the complexities posed. This is further compounded by their constraint in taking thoughtful action to prevent the threats. 

The workshop will explore the current initiatives that various stakeholders are undertaking in ensuring the Children security online. There has been an increased efforts from various stakeholders such as Legal/ Law Enforcement, Content Providers, Technical Association/ Private Sector, NGO’s and Civil Society to achieve the various objectives for a common goal in making Internet a better platform for children to communicate and collaborate. The representatives from the mentioned stakeholder group shall share the details of the use cases/initiatives commenced by their respective organizations/affiliations. We further target to focus on devising collaborative efforts between various stakeholders that can be replicated nationally and regionally.

Speakers provisionally confirmed:

Allen, Ernie
Croll, Jutta
Jackson, Natasha
NG Ki Chun, David
NG, Ki Chun, David
Richardson, Janice
Saidalavi, Mohamed Mustafa
Spiezia, Vincenzo

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