Internet Users' Voices on Internationalized Domain Names

12 November 2007 - A Workshop on Diversity in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


The participation of the local Internet user community is considered necessary in the successful implementation of IDNs. This session will look at the experiences of several early adopter TLDs who may have involved the local community in the process of implementation of IDNs, to different extents, as well as users who have participated in those trials. Best practices and lessons learnt will be presented, and the discussion will focus on the practical implementation of these IDNs with the full participation of end-users.


ICANN At Large Advisory Committee & Yale Information Society Project

Hong Xue (ALAC IDN Liaison and ex-IDN Working group Chair) and Jacqueline A. Morris (ex-ALAC Chair)


1. Email Address Internationalization and TEST BED

Jiankang Yao, Chief Architect on Internationalized Domain Names, CNNIC

Jiankang is a Research Engineer and Chief IDN Architect at CNNIC, since 2003. His main Research interests include Email Address Internationalization (EAI), Internationalized Domain Names (IDN). He holds a Masters Degree from the National University of Singapore.

2. IDNs for Japanese Users

Hiro Hotta, Japan Registry Service Co. Ltd.

During his career in NTT (Nippon Telegraph and Telephone corporation) he was responsible for developing value-added services in NTT's ISP services. While he was with NTT, he was Chairman of Asia & Pacific
Internet Association in 2000-2001.

After he left NTT, he joined JPRS as one of its start-up members, which has been a .JP ccTLD registry from 2001. He is responsible for orporate planning and business development. He is particularly special in IDN technology and deployment.

From 1999, he was a member of Names Council of ICANN DNSO appointed by ISP Constituency for 2 years. He was a member of ICANN IDN Registry Implementation Committee. Currently he is on ICANN President's Advisory Committee for IDNs and ccNSO Council.

3. IDNs in Poland

Andrzej Bartosiewicz, Chairman of CENTR,Polish NASK

Andrzej has a total 10+ years of professional experience in ICT sector including 7+ years in Internet/Domain Names System business. He is at present working as Head of DNS Division (national Registry for .PL and +48 ENUM Registry for Poland) at NASK (Research and Academic Computer Network). Andrzej is participating actively in ICANN, ITU, RIPE, IETF and CENTR conferences. Author of several Internet Drafts to IETF, contributions to ICANN, CENTR and other organizations. Since March 2007 Andrzej is a chairman of CENTR, organisation of top-level domain managers.

4. One DNS, One Dream

Hong Xue, Yale Information Society Project and University of Hong Kong

Dr. XUE Hong, Assistant Professor of Faculty of Law, University of Hong Kong, and Fellow of Information Society Project of Yale Law School. Dr. Xue specializes in intellectual property law, information technology law and the Internet governance. She has published widely in both Chinese and international journals. Dr. Xue was elected as one of the Ten Nationally Distinguished Young Jurists by the China Law Society and granted the Special Governmental Allowance for prominent contribution to social science by the State Council. She also got the Outstanding Young Researcher Award from the University of Hong Kong. She has served on many government/public and professional bodies. Internationally, she works in many governmental and non-governmental organizations. She is the Member of the Executive Committee of the International Association for Promotion of the Advanced Teaching and Research of Intellectual Property (ATRIP) and ICANN President's Advisory Committee on Internationalized Domain Names . Since 2003, she is one of the founders of the Internet Users Organization in the Asia-Pacific Region.