Working Together: Collaborative Security in local contexts

7 December 2016 - A Workshop on Other in Guadalajara, Mexico


The choices we make about Internet security will have an impact on our ability to achieve the sustainable development goals (SDGs). This panel discussion will explore the critical role of collaboration in Internet security and how that approach affects sustainable economic and social growth.

Any practical cybersecurity framework needs to start with an understanding of the fundamental properties of the Internet and an appreciation of the complexity of the cybersecurity landscape. It should be premised on fostering trust and protecting opportunities for economic and social prosperity. Achieving security objectives, while preserving these fundamental properties, rights and values is the real challenge of cybersecurity strategy.

The Internet Society recently published an approach to tackling cybersecurity in the paper "Collaborative Security". This approach starts from the considerations identified above. The objective of this IGF workshop is to continue the development of the Collaborative Security approach and principles as they apply in regional and local contexts.

The session format is a panel that will enable moderated discussion among panellists, and all participants both online and in-person. An outline agenda for the session follows:

1. Introduction, purpose, format and outcomes - 5 minutes
2. Panellist intros - 5 minutes
3. Collaborative Security framework overview - 5 minutes
4. Regional and local perspectives - 20 minutes
5. Moderated discussion between panellists - 15 minutes
6. Open discussion with in-person and online participants (the latter facilitated by the online moderator) - 35 minutes
7. Summary, key findings and continuing the dialogue - 5 minutes

Speakers provisionally confirmed:

Carvell, Mark
Esaki, Hiroshi
Ito, Yurie
Kolkman, Olaf
Lefèvre, Flávia
Shorey, Nick

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