Cybersecurity Initiatives in and by Global South

6 December 2016 - A Workshop on Other in Guadalajara, Mexico


This workshop will explore some of the main cybersecurity challenges in the Global South today and how local stakeholders are working to overcome them. For developing economies and societies to fully reap the benefits of the Internet, the global community must work not only to ensure digital access, but also to tackle questions related to having a secure and trustworthy Cyberspace such as: innovative approaches to DNSSEC that enhance user confidence in Internet-based services; wider deployment of secure routing technologies; tools and policies for better traffic management; solutions to enhance the confidentiality of Internet traffic; data security and integrity; security of IoT; protection of critical Infrastructure from cyber attacks; end-user device security, among others. These are key aspects for developing regions to truly leverage the Internet as a tool to achieve inclusive and sustainable growth and avoid further inequalities.
The session will introduce the perspective of 5 regional stakeholders from Latin America and the Caribbean, Asia Pacific and Africa and will showcase success cases unfolding in developing economies. With representatives from civil society, government, private sector and the academia, the workshop will provide an opportunity for an open, multi-stakeholder debate on how to tackle cybersecurity issues in developing economies.

Speakers provisionally confirmed:

Hoepers, Cristine
Hountomey, Jean-Robert
Kolkman, Olaf
Palma Salas , Marcelo
Toimoana, Andrew
Vega, Erika
Wilson, Paul

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