Security, Privacy and the Ethical Dimensions of ICTs in 2030

6 December 2016 - A Workshop on Other in Guadalajara, Mexico


As technology continues to rapidly advance and billions of additional users become connected, ethical aspects of technology demand immediate attention. Considering the extensive impact that ICTs will have on the achievement of the SDGs, discussion and tangible actions need to be taken now to ensure the use of ICTs will be beneficial to all of humanity. In order to achieve all of the SDGs, ICTs will play a vital role but only if they are designed in an ethical framework that focuses on the role of humans and the preservation of human values. When enabling inclusive and sustainable growth, the various aspects of privacy and security must be considered from an ethical viewpoint to ensure that the evolution of humanity’s engagement with technology is beneficial and those that are currently unconnected join a safe, productive and beneficial ICT-driven world.

Based on the discussion of both in situ and online participants from various global stakeholder groups, the session seeks to raise awareness of the need to consider the ethical dimensions of ICTs with a focus on security and privacy with an aim towards the use of ICTs to achieve the SDGs. The goal of the session is to produce tangible, concrete technological and policy outputs leading towards a beneficial and productive world in 2030 through the use of ICTs. In addition, an additional aim of the session is to lead to greater engagement in this important area by all stakeholders that extends beyond the session at IGF.

Speakers provisionally confirmed:

Greg Shannon
Kay Firth Butterfield
Louise Marie Hurel
Meher Bnouni

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