Regional Participation in Brazil: Growing Initiatives

6 December 2016 - A Workshop on Other in Guadalajara, Mexico



Renata Baltar - UNIFOR - Stakeholder group: Civil Society - Country: Brasil


Paiva, Gustavo (Remote)  - UFRN - Stakeholder group: Civil Society - Country: Brasil
Kimberly Anastácio - Ibidem -  Stakeholder group: Civil Society - Country: Brasil
Ephraim Percy Kenyanito - Accessnow - Stakeholder group: Civil Society - Subsaharan Africa

Hafedh Gharbi Yahmadi - Stakeholder group: Business - Country: Tunisia

Remote moderator:
Olevie Kouami -  Stakeholder group: Civil Society - Country: Togo

An inspirational group of activists, researchers and practitioners on Internet Governance have come together after IGF2015 and other IG events in Latin America to engage in different organizations in the area. This reveals the impact that debate arenas such as the IGF have and further presents the importance of regional engagement and effective strategies to achieve it.

The dialogues and actions of this group were revisited in events like Internet Freedom Festival, Rightscon, ICAN55, WSIS Forum and other arenas. These activists continue the debate in online groups, both mobile and on computers. Their work continues identifying leaders in Internet Governance and other groups which can be articulated so that regional engagement increases and future actions can be planned so as to fully integrate unrepresented regions in the Internet Governance future.

Our online activism communities on IG in the Global South are dispersed and do not easily communicate with each other. Through this Flash Session, we wish to expose a few of them and to bring them together, in order to strategize and create global ties independent from organizations and companies.

By showcasing these efforts, it's expected that new communication bridges can be built. As well, common goals and concerns, such zero rating,increase in connectivity, cybersecurity and other can be addressed primarily.

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