Exploring Demand Side Drivers of Internet Adoption

6 December 2016 - A Workshop on Other in Guadalajara, Mexico


Countries around the world have recognized the transformational impact of connecting more people to the Internet. It increases economic productivity, improves the lives of users, and positively impacts economic development of countries. Surveys in both the developing and the developed world have revealed that Internet adoption is not simply a matter of availability and cost. Demand-side barriers also play a significant role, including the lack of perceived need for an Internet subscription, digital literacy, and the availability of local content. Sustained, inclusive Internet user growth thus requires a better understanding of the demand-side barriers to Internet adoption, particular in rural areas and in low- and medium-income countries. This workshop brings together numerous experts with real-world experience in overcoming demand-side barriers to Internet adoption in unconnected communities that are coming online. The aim of the workshop is to improve our understanding of the obstacles that these communities face in gaining access to the Internet and to develop principles and ideas that may be used by relevant stakeholders in their endeavors to bring these communities online in the future.

Speakers include:

Bharadwaj, Manu - US Department of State
Blackler, Ellen - The Walt Disney Corporation
Jorge, Sonia - The Alliance for Affordable Internet
Pisanty, Alejandro - National University of Mexico
Mitchell, Paul - Microsoft

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