Teaching Internet Governance - Experiences from 10 years of SIGs

6 December 2016 - A Workshop on Other in Guadalajara, Mexico



The idea for enhanced efforts of academic research and training in Internet Governance was discussed within WGIG in 2004 and in Tunis in 2005. Two international recognized academic organisations - IAMCR & ICA - took the various ideas and developed two concrete proposals:

  1. The establishment of a Global Internet Governance Academic Network (GIGANET) and the
  2. The launch of Schools on Internet Governance (SIG).

GIGANET is now well established and has annual events before each IGF and also regional meetings.

For training the EuroSSIG was the pilot project, followed by the South School on IG. Over the years the concepts has evolved. We had a first SIG in 2009 in Cairo. We saw the start of the African Summer School. Now we see this concept growing in Asia and we see a lot of national initiatives (Brazil, Pakistan, India, Kenya, US etc.). These initiatives more or less take the original SIG concept as a source of inspiration and adjust it to their regional needs.

Taking all this into consideration we should reflect on the concept and its further development. What kind of education do governments expect? What people are needed for the business sector and how can SIG’s help to get a deeper understanding how technical aspects influence human rights and security.

A platform for collaboration among all schools can help to guarantee the high quality of all schools. Establishing an IGF Dynamic Coalition to enhance communication, coordination and collaboration among the various initiatives seams a viable option.

The workshop should serve to explore the following topics:

  1. Identification of stakeholder needs for future IG capacity building
  2. Identification of ways for collaboration among SIG’s
  3. Exchange of experiences among the various SIGs (good practice),
  4. Discussion of the feasibility of the formation of an IGF Dynamic Coalition on Schools for Internet Governance (DC-SIG)

Representatives from all stakeholder groups will have the chance share their views. Coordinators of SIG initiatives will provide input and talk about their regional experiences. The floor will be opened to the audience to help us identifying stakeholder needs for future IG capacity building. A discussion about the need and feasibility of a Dynamic Coalition will follow.

Session flow:

1. Opening (10 minutes)

  • Ten years of teaching Internet Governance, Wolfgang Kleinwächter, EuroSSIG
  • Why we need Internet Governance capacity building, Jörg Schweiger, DENIC

2. Lessons learned / Reports from SIGs (25 minutes)

  • Jungbae An, Asia Pacific
  • Olga Cavalli, Latin America
  • Baher Esmat, Arabic Region
  • Anriette Esterhuysen, Africa
  • Nick Cull, North America (TBC)
  • Hartmut Glaser, Brazil

3. Experiences from the faculty (15 minutes)

  • Avri Doria, Independent Researcher
  • William Drake, University of Zurich
  • Milton Mueller, Georgia Technology Institute
  • Bertrand de la Chapelle, Internet & Jurisdiction Project

4. What we need / Expectations from stakeholders (15 minutes)

  • Business: N.N., Amazon & Christoph Steck, Telefonica
  • Government: Thomas Schneider, GAG Chair & Mocta Yedelay, African Union
  • Technical Community: Keith Drazek, VeriSign & Leonid Todorov, APTLD

5. Open discussion (25 minutes)

Moderator: Sandra Hoferichter, EuroSSIG Manager

Online Moderator: Renata Aquino Ribeiro, E.I. Research

Rapporteur: joint effort among all active contributors to this session

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