Inter-regional dialogue session

11 November 2015 - A Other on Other in João Pessoa, Brazil


Since its inception as mandated by the Tunis Agenda, a steady growth and expansion of the IGF has emerged at the national, sub regional and regional levels. Each year during the IGF itself, the Coordinators and participants in these Initiatives gather to share experiences, and advance the contribution of the national and regional Initiatives into the IGF. National and Regional Initiatives are bottom up activities that are reflective of the priorities and concerns of each individual initiative; in some regions, both national and sub regional events

This session has the following objectives: present the outcome of a Survey undertaken by the Secretariat and a volunteer Survey Working Team; host a mini-WSIS+10 reflection from the National and Regionals that held special sessions during their meetings; review a priority topic, based on the bottom up consultation – Connecting the Next Billion; and discuss perspectives of strengthening the input and contribution of the national and regional IGF Initiatives from 2015 forward, with a special focus on intersessional work during 2016. 

National and Regional Initiatives cover a wide range of Internet Governance issues that
are of great relevance to the IGF itself, but have a particular unique focus as they reach a very broad range of stakeholders, only a few who also engage and attend the IGF.  Through the Initiatives, the impact and engagement of the multi stakeholder model of the IGF is being reflected in an ever growing reflection at national and regional fora. Thus the interaction and engagement of the Substantive Session for the National and Regional IGF Initiatives is a reflection in two directions – into the IGF itself, and from the IGF back into the Initiatives, through the engagement of the Coordinators and participants from the Initiatives.   The Substantive session also allows a further growth of sharing of practices and views across the Initiatives, helping to spread the awareness and engagement of national governments with their national stakeholders in Internet governance policy areas.


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